Week 1-1: exploration of keywords: The first workshop where the research phase began

Week 1-2: Narrowing Down: The second stage of phase 1, where I narrowed down to 4 keywords

Ending week 3: the presentation: Summing up the week and including my presentation

Outcome of presentation and moving on:  Notes on my themes and presentation



Collections vs hoarding: A collection of research for this specific area

Religion and cults: A collection of research for this specific area

Halloween/ Samhain: A collection of research for this specific area

Maps and Geography: A brief introduction to the theme



Intro to phase 2: An introduction to the new phase of research, focusing on one thing

The history of collecting: A brief history and research on collecting

Online collections: The first part of research, looking at the online presence of collections

Artist inspiration: collective: A brief set of artist inspiration for my research period

What’s in your bag?: A small creative project linked to personal collections



Week one of game ideas: The beginning of game ideas that were informed by phase 1 and 2

An interactive experience: An introduction to the theme of the idea

Ideas for interaction: the toy: A conceptual page of ideation for the toy(s)

Phase 3 project/ design goals: Questions about my personal projections


Intro to Phase 4: personal goals and outcomes: Bullet pointing my goals for phase 4 and end of project

Themes and game basis: A basic version of the game idea and themes within


Pitch, description and overview: As it says on the tin

Design Goals: The design and aspects of the game and what I want from it




Truth Tables: An example of the truth table I used and demonstrated in session

Level up system: My theory of work and task completion of the workshop